What Is Wash & Fold Service?

What Is Wash & Fold Service?

A Comprehensive Guide to Wash & Fold Laundry Service

An American woman spends almost twenty minutes every day doing laundry. Those are just a few of the tasks and chores necessary for caring for a household. It’s not mandatory for you to do the laundry just because it needs to be done. Can you imagine a service that would save you time and money and give your clothes a better wash than you could do at home? It is possible to have washed and fold services take care of this annoying chore for you. Most cities and towns now offer wash and fold services. Check out this great news for busy people and learn more about them.

What Is Wash And Fold Service?

An actual wash and fold service is where you drop off your clothes to be professionally cleaned at a dry cleaner or laundry service. It’s also called fluff and fold. A washing and folding service let you avoid at least a couple of mundane chores around the house. Instead of doing the laundry yourself, you hire someone else to do it. It even matched socks!

You contact your laundry service and schedule a time for them to pick up your items by calling, texting, or even using an app. Your laundry will then be cleaned, dried, and folded by the company, based on your preference, like eco-friendly or hypoallergenic detergent and specific folding styles.

How Does It Work?

When a customer takes their laundry to a laundromats wash and fold location, the process begins. Wash and fold laundry is delivered to the facility, washed in a commercial washer, and dried in a commercial dryer.

Before it’s returned to the customer, it’s double-checked for cleanliness and folded. As every cleaning process step is handled professionally, customers can complete other tasks and chores during the day.

Process of Wash And Fold Service

  1. First, they enter your order into their POS (Point Of Sale) system.
  2. Next, they separate your clothes.
  3. Into the washer, they go! Their environmentally friendly washing machine can sense how much water it needs to use.
  4. Next, it gets dried in the state of the art dryers. The dryers sense how much drying is needed.
  5. Once dried, the clothes are folded and put into your wash and fold bag.
  6. Now your clothes are ready to be brought back to you!

Benefits of Wash And Fold Service

Still unsure if the laundry service is right for you? With wash and fold services, you can easily save yourself a lot of time compared to doing it yourself.


There is no doubt that laundry services that include washing, drying, and folding make your life so much easier. In addition to saving you time, the door-to-door delivery of clothing and textiles ensures you will return the item clean and fresh. Just put them away!

Saves Your Time

Laundry should take up most of your time when you do it yourself. In addition to washing them, they need to be dried and rearranged afterward. It is quite an ordeal.

Get back these lost hours by contacting laundry wash and fold services. Simply schedule your pickup time. After completing the task, the service returns your clothes to you. In addition to cleaning your clothes, you gain extra time.

Another advantage of these laundry services is their speed. Some only take 24 hours to complete a load. You’ll have your clean clothes within a day.


Outsourcing your laundry chores will pay off in the long run. With professional cleaning, your clothes will last longer, so you can wear them even more often.

Additionally, you won’t have to buy soap and laundry detergents every day, purchase and maintain expensive appliances, or collect quarters every time you wash to run the machines in your building.

Saves Your Effort

When you use a laundry service like wash and folding, you can do your laundry in no time at all. The time-consuming household task is no longer a chore to dread. It doesn’t make sense to procrastinate and stack the laundry in the bathroom.

A professional service allows you to get your laundry done without having to think, plan, and do it yourself. It will be easier for you if you can reduce your stress levels.


Generally, a professional laundry business employs garment specialists who know all the tricks to keep clothing and linens looking as good as new. Furthermore, they use machines and detergents that are gentler, faster, and more efficient than anything you would find at home.

Laundromats also employ the latest sanitization methods since they deal with a high volume of clothing from different households. It’s not just about looking clean but also hygienically clean.

How to Use Wash-Dry-Fold POS?

Now, I will discuss the basic process of creating an order, printing receipts, printing labels for finished bags of laundry, weighing laundry, and tracking laundry orders throughout the production process.

Let’s Take A Look!

The first part of the process is weighing the customer’s clothes on the integrated weight scale. Now, most laundromats leave a basket or tub sitting on top of their ranking at all times so that customers can more easily dump their laundry into the weight scale.

A laundry attendant will put their identification number in their 4 to 6 digit PIN to begin a transaction. And this brings us to the central register screen.

I’m going to click a new sale. And I can search for a customer by their phone number, last name, or company name.

And I’ll now move on to selecting the items. Then the main sale screen is open, and showing the different department buttons will show us the objects within those departments.

For example, since this is a load of towels. I’ll press wash-dry-fold essential. And I can type in the number of pounds if I’m not using an integrated scale. You can even add notes for this load.

As I press next, this system has identified automatically that this order does not meet the minimum order at this laundromat. The minimum order in this store is 15 dollars.

Now, I can move to the due date screen to choose the day and time this laundry should be ready. After selecting the day, I can select an hour and then click saved date to confirm that. This now brings me to the payment screen to enter cash, credit card, or check amounts. If they had store credit, I could apply it to the transaction.

On the print screen, I confirm if I want to print a receipt, yes or no. And I can also ensure how many copies of that receipt I want to publish right away. Now the software has printed off the copies of the ticket. Okay, so I have one copy for the customer, and the other stays with the laundry order.


How Much Do A Wash And Fold Laundry Service Cost?

Your time is more valuable than laundry service costs. For more information, the average price to wash, dry, and fold a pound of clothing is anywhere between $1.29 to $2.25. In addition, dry cleaning can start at $3 and go as high as %56.99 per piece.

How is wash and fold service different from dry cleaning service?

Wash and fold services use water and traditional laundry detergent to clean machine washable clothing instead of dry cleaning. In dry cleaning, garments are cleaned using a liquid, non-water-based solvent, and they are never exposed to water.

In Conclusion

Whether we work with parents or stay at home with fathers, we could all benefit from an extra hour or three in the day. You are probably researching “where to find wash and fold laundry service near me” after reading this article. Let laundry providers handle your clothing and linens, so you don’t have to.

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