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Best Towel Cleaning Service & Towel Rental
on Long Island

Best Towel Cleaning Service & Towel Rental on Long Island

If you operate a business on Long Island that depends on having clean towels ready and available to operate your business and are looking for an affordable towel cleaning service then we can help! Long Island Laundy offers a cost-effective towel laundy service. A worry-free, reliable, straight-forward solution to your towel laundry needs. So many different businesses require an affordable towel laundry service to operate their business and we are here to help.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery Pricing

Affordable Long Island Commercial Towel Cleaning Service: Free up your time & ditch the laundry pile!

If you’re looking for a towel laundry service at a great towel cleaning service price then Long Island Laundry Company is the one to turn to.  Our convenient commercial laundry pickup and delivery service in Long Island is only $1.75 per pound (with a $25 starting minimum).

Need a personalized quote to fit your business needs? No problem, call today to request a quote!

Stop wasting your time washing towels! Laundering load after load of dirty towels each day takes valuable personnel hours away from your primary business function. Call today to see how our Long Island towel cleaning service can save you time and money.

Pick-Up & Delivery
Laundry Service
$1.75 Per Pound

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We can launder your customer-owned goods or if your business requires towels and need us to supply & launder we are also a full service towel rental company on Long Island.

Customers Love Our Towel Cleaning Service & So Will You!

Long Island Laundry is amazing, We are a dental office that uses them for all our laundry needs they are fast, pick up and drop off same week they are in the area for pick ups and deliveries almost every day of the week. The really are the best!
Vincent Iodice
Vincent Iodice
Great place for laundry services. Management was very kind and all of the services were above expectations.
Samantha Gray
Samantha Gray
Lovely people to dealwith. Left a thick mattrass cover and it was wahed in a timely manner and perfectly. Will certainly use this company again, and recommend it to friends.
Bruce Adler
Bruce Adler
On time pickup and delivery
Samantha Atwater
Samantha Atwater
Anthony and his laundry company are the best. They are reliable, always on time, my clothes and bedding always come back perfectly folded. We utilize his weekly pickup route and he is so reliable and accommodating - if I need to skip a week or modify a pickup date, he’s always quick to reply and always gets it right. I am SO grateful for his company.

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With our managed towel services, you will never have to worry about having clean & fresh towels ready ever again.

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Long Island Towel Laundry Services

Who Uses Our Towel Rental & Towel Laundry Services?

As an affordable towel cleaning service on Long Island.  We understand that clean towels are an essential part of keeping your business safe, clean and sanitary and are needed across many industries. Here are just a few that trust us for the towel laundry needs:

Commercial Laundry and Towel Cleaning Service for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Commercial Laundry and Towel Cleaning Service for Spas

Commercial Laundry and Towel Cleaning Service for Salons

Professional Commercial Towel Cleaning Service on Long Island

Make a good first impression on your clients. Your customers depend on you to meet their needs and those needs definitely include using clean, sanitized and fresh towels. We understand how your business not having fresh towels can be a problem, which is why we always go the extra mile to be the most professional and reliable Long Island towel laundry service to our customers.

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