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Life is extremely busy. Washing machines make things easier to get your clothes clean, but there still isn’t always enough time in the day. Thankfully, there are professional laundry services you can take advantage of to make things easier. Long Island Laundry Company is a good example with their free pick-up and delivery wash and fold service and technology makes using professional laundry services a breeze, you can have your laundry done with a few taps on your phone or computer. This article will cover the benefits of professional laundry services and what you should consider before hiring one. Read on to learn more about laundry services, and how to find the best laundry service near you! 

The Benefits of Using a Professional Laundry Service

Laundry services have been around for years. Laundry services today use technology to make things quick and easy. We live in a busy world and we outsource many tasks. We get our groceries delivered, and we hire lawn services. Hiring a laundry service provider is no different. Take advantage of the laundry service benefits listed below.


The best benefit of using a pro laundry service is convenience. Typically, you can contact laundry providers online to schedule a laundry pick-up at your home, Many services, including Long Island Laundry Company offer free pick-up and delivery. Often, laundry services will have a customer service team to handle any of your questions or concerns. These perks make laundry services more convenient than ever.


Professional laundry services do an excellent job of getting your clothing clean. They have the knowledge to handle anything thrown their way. They know how to treat different fabrics and handle different stains. These professionals know how to care for your clothing correctly, and most likely know how to care for your clothes better than you. 


You may be thinking that professional laundry services are very expensive, but you’d be wrong! Most laundry services are quite affordable. Doing laundry at home can be pricey when you add up the costs of electricity, detergent, bleach, dryer sheet, and your time and effort. When you hire professional services, you are paying them for all of these things. Prices vary so you should contact your local laundry services and ask for their prices. 

Saves Time

It takes a lot of time to wash, dry and fold your laundry at home. Hiring a professional laundry service saves you all of that time and hassle. It can take as little as a few minutes to hire a laundry service and prepare for a pick-up. They will wash, dry and fold your clothing for you, using the detergents and procedures you prefer. This saves you hours you can spend doing more important things. 

What to Look for in a Laundry Service Provider

What should you look for in a professional laundry service? You are probably wondering how to find the best laundry service near me. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before hiring a laundry service: Will it be convenient? Is it located nearby? What services are offered? Do they have pick-up and delivery? What detergents and treatments do they use? Are their services affordable?

How to Choose the Right Laundry Service for Your Needs

When looking for laundry services, the first thing to do is go online. Try searching “laundry near me”. Read online reviews and testimonials and choose a laundry service with positive reviews. Go on the business website or app and check what services they offer and check their prices. The most important thing to consider is convenience. Convenience is the main reason people hire laundry services. Check your local laundry services and see if there are any near you. This is especially important if you will be dropping off your clothing. Ask them if they offer pick-up and delivery services. Once you find a professional laundry service that suits your needs and your budget best, contact them. Ask them any questions you may have about their services, and schedule a pick-up with them to get started. 

How to Ensure Your Laundry is Handled with Care

It’s a good idea to contact your laundry service and ask about their laundering procedures. Make sure you are satisfied with the detergents they use. Always check online reviews before hiring a laundry service.

Tips for Saving Money on Laundry Services

There are a few things you can do to save money on laundry services. Make sure you shop around before hiring a laundry service. Compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deal. Contact the laundry service and ask if they have any surcharges. Long Island Laundry Company never charges any surcharges! Look for services that offer pick-up and delivery at no additional charge. 

What Types of Laundry Services are Available?

  • Laundry professionals offer many kinds of services. Laundry service care commonly includes:
  • Drop off Wash, Dry and Fold Service AKA Fluff and Fold Service, typically same day laundry service is available
  • Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service, typically with Free pickup & delivery and 24-hour turnaround for most areas
  • Dry-Cleaning, either drop off but pickup and delivery is usually a free option
  • Towel Laundry Service. either supply and laundry towels or launder only customer owned towels

Laundry Service FAQs

How do Laundry Service Providers Handle Different Types of Fabrics and Materials?

Professional laundry services will have the knowledge and expertise to treat and remove stains from different fabrics appropriately. Cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and wool  need different cleaning treatments. A professional service will have the know-how to clean each fabric correctly. 

Can I Request Special Instructions for my Laundry, Such as Specific Detergents or Fabric Softeners?

Yes. Most laundry professionals are happy to care for your clothing to your specifications. 

How do Laundry Service Providers Ensure the Security of my Laundry?

Most laundry services care about customers’ laundry security. Check their website for their security policy. Contact your professional laundry service if you have any concerns. Always check reviews and testimonials before hiring a laundry service. 

Can I Schedule Regular Pickups and Deliveries for my Laundry?

Yes! Many laundry services offer regular pick-ups and deliveries at no additional charge. Contact your laundry service provider to schedule a pick-up.

Laundry Services Near Me

Using professional services is one simple way to make life easier! It is quick, convenient, and affordable. Long Island Laundry Company has the laundry services you need! Visit our website today to request a free pick-up! 

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