How to Use OxiClean in Laundry? (All You Need to Know)

How to use Oxiclean in Laundry

What Are the Uses of OxiClean? [Inside & Outside the Laundry]

Are most people curious about how to use OxiClean in the laundry? Because dirt and stains can make our lives a mess, but who wants to spend all day scrubbing?

The OxiClean product is made from oxygen bleach and is used to clean various surfaces around the house. To safely brighten and clean clothes without damaging colored ones, OxiClean uses oxygen ions, unlike chlorine bleach.

The cleaning power of OxiClean is sufficient to use in the washing machine alone, eliminating the need to use a basic laundry detergent. An environment-friendly and non-toxic product, OxiClean successfully dissolves organic and inorganic stains.

Let’s dive into the detail of how to use OxiClean in the laundry.

What Does OxiClean Do?

OxiClean does not harm the environment or septic systems. The OxiClean company claims that its products don’t spoil living things because they are made using substances that occur naturally in nature.

When flushed down the sink, they decompose into non-harmful compounds like water and soda ash to not harm septic systems. Furthermore, they won’t harm your skin or cause damage to delicate fabrics because they don’t contain chlorine like other cleaners.

How to Use OxiClean in Laundry?

You can use OxiClean in the laundry by following the specific steps:

  • Mix one ounce of OxiClean with two cups of hot water in a bottle, then shake until dissolved.
  • Adding liquids to machines that have dispensers makes the process much easier. You need only put the diluted OxiClean in the dispenser.
  • Put the diluted OxiClean in the washer’s bleach tank.
  • In a front-loading washer’s detergent dispenser, mix one ounce of OxiClean powder with one ounce of powder detergent.
  • Add OxiClean powder to the clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

Note: The best way to use OxiClean is in hot water. Do not mix OxiClean with liquid bleach or detergents containing chlorine bleach.

How to Use OxiClean With Your Laundry Detergent?

If you use bleach to remove stains from clothes, it can often cause the clothing to discolor or have holes. With OxiClean, you don’t have to worry about bleach damaging the fibers of your dress.

Following a few guidelines when using OxiClean with your detergent ensures that OxiClean is added at the right time to the washing machine.

  • Prepare the washing machine by filling it with water.
  • You should wash white clothes and colored clothes with hot water.
  • Fill up your device with water and add 1/2 tablespoon of your detergent.
  • In the water that fills up, add one tablespoon of OxiClean. OxiClean and detergent will mix as the machine fills with water.
  • Wash the laundry in water.
  • You should fill the machine half full.
  • Clothing on a regular cycle
  • Dry a small amount of clothing in a tumble dryer. OxiClean will lift the stains off the dirty clothes in the washing machine.
  • It is also possible to use OxiClean liquid. In any case, it has the same effect. It is an ideal alternative for people who are allergic to detergent powder.

How to Use OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner?

It is rare to find a laundry product that provides as much care and deep cleaning as OxiClean. For more than 20 years, this brand of products for life has made products to save time and work in daily tasks.

Its most popular products are its detergent and stain remover, made from percarbonate and sodium carbonate, surfactants, and polymers that release oxygen upon contact with water, efficiently removing all types of stains on various textiles.

In the washing process, most people prefer stain remover because it is one of the best on the market. Furthermore, its products prevent dirt from sticking to clothes again after washing while attacking even the most minor superficial stains.

How to Make OxiClean Solution?

I have two go-to recipes for my tough messes:

One is the heavy-duty ultra-concentrated cleaner, and it consists of 1 tablespoon SPC, one tablespoon dish liquid. And I’m adding that to 4-5 cups of hot water. This solution will be good for about 6 hours.

The second cleaner is a spray, and it consists of 2 cups of hot water in an opaque spray bottle. And add one tablespoon of SPC. Swirl it gently until the SPC granules are dissolved, and generally, this solution will remain active for about 6 hours.

Can You Use OxiClean Outside the Laundry?

You can use Oxiclean for more than just your laundry room. You can use Oxiclean for various things that will make your life easier and your home cleaner. To use Oxiclean properly, you need to know the tricks. This guide will show you what and how to do it.

I’ll share a few with you:

  1. De-Stain Your Coffee Pots

Coffee Pots can get pretty stained and build up quite quickly. To de-stain your coffee pot, add 1/4 teaspoon for every 2 cups of hot directly into the coffee pot. And allow 10-15 minutes to soak it. This is great to remove build-up inside the coffee maker. Everything came off quickly after swirling a cloth in there with some chopsticks.

  1. Remove Food Stains for Aluminum

Removing food stains from aluminum-free cookware is so easy with this spray. You can spray some of the solutions into the crockpot’s heating vessel. This got a little messy from spilled food.

  1. Clean Garbage Bins

Garbage bins both indoors and outdoors can accumulate dirt and odors over time. Preparing an OxiClean to soak in a bucket and taking it over to the garbage bins will clean and freshen them up.

You can use a cloth or scrub brush to clean your garbage bins inside and out after dipping them in the soak. Then, use it only after it has dried entirely from air contact. Rinse it thoroughly with a hose or in the bathtub.

  1. Clean Canva Shoes

OxiClean will restore the luster to your dingy white Keds! Soak your shoes in the bucket or sink for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the soil level.

Using a stiff brush, scrub the shoes after soaking to remove dirt. Before wearing the shoes, wash them well in clean water and air dry for several hours.

  1. Greasy Range Hood Filters

Boil water and add a scoop of OxiClean to a bucket to clean your greasy overhead exhaust filters. You will add a gallon of hot water to this container and mix well.

Dump your filter into the bucket of solution after removing it from the overhead exhaust compartment. Wait 5 minutes and flip it over. In less than 10 minutes, everything was so clean! Just give everything a good rinse and let it air dry.

  1. Toilet, Tiles, & Tub

In the bathroom, OxiClean shines. Add a small amount of the concentrate with water and rub liberally on affected areas. Often, I use it on grout lines around the toilet and around the floor where it meets the bathroom.

I apply liberally with a cleaning toothbrush, let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then use clean water and paper towels to wipe it up. Using a cleaning toothbrush, you may have to reapply and scrub any extra dirt from these areas.

Safety Precautions: I know you do not take precautions while using OxiClean or SPC. This is an irritant to eyes and skin, so really, you should’ve been wearing eye protection and gloves to protect yourself.


Does OxiClean have bleach?

The OxiClean stain remover and household cleaner is a bleach-free product known for its effectiveness. The cleaner removes dirt and grime from your home’s clothes, carpets, and hard surfaces by breaking down stains, emulsifying oils, and emulsifying oils.

Can I use OxiClean on colors?

The OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover does not damage colors. However, not all clothing is colorfast. It is always good to test the product for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before use.

Can I mix OxiClean with bleach?

No, not at all. It is hazardous to mix bleach and OxiClean. When OxiClean breaks down, it forms hydrogen peroxide, and when hydrogen peroxide is combined with chlorine bleach, it produces toxic gases. If OxiClean and vinegar can mix safely.

Can you add OxiClean and vinegar?

You can mix one scoop of OxiClean with enough vinegar to form a paste when scrubbing tubs and countertops. Gritty OxiClean acts as a scouring powder, and vinegar cuts through soap scum or grease.

Can OxiClean ruin clothes?

With its oxygen-based water-activated formula, you can safely remove tough dirt and grime from almost any surface in your home. With OxiCleanTM Versatile Stain Remover, you can quickly get rid of a wide variety of clothing stains. Use it as a presoak before washing your clothes.

Does OxiClean kill germs?

If you want to disinfect your clothes more than a regular detergent, you should use an oxygen-based detergent, such as OxiClean. Despite its weak disinfectant properties, oxygen bleach is also effective. It is very effective to disinfect with pine oil.

Final Words

OxiClean’s essential characteristics make it suitable for use in the laundry room, where it can be added directly to washing machines as a cleaning booster.

Specifically formulated to remove organic stains and food, wine, coffee, and juice, OxiClean in the washing machine removes stains that your clothes probably aren’t pre-treated to remove.

There is no question that OxiClean is the best detergent for top-loading washers. It performs exceptionally well. In addition, it can assist in making your clothes look new by removing stains. There is always a need to keep in mind that things may go wrong in excess.

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