How to Use a Clothes Dryer?

how to use a clothes dryer

How to Use a Clothes Dryer?

Drying the clothes in a clothes dryer is easy and time-saving. But have you ever wondered why your clothes don’t last long, and you have to spend extra money to buy the clothes that have been damaged while drying? For this, you need to learn how to use a clothes dryer?

Clothes dryers are more complicated than we thought they would be. It’s because you don’t use your clothes dryer correctly. Despite decades of using the dryer, it seems we’ve been misusing it.

If you are new to doing laundry and learning how to use a dryer, don’t worry. We’ll provide a few guidelines to assist you in using your clothes dryer efficiently and effectively.

What is a Clothes Dryer?

A clothes dryer is a powered home appliance used to extract the moisture remaining in the clothes after washing them. 

It is also known as “Tumbler” because it consists of a rotating drum known as a tumbler.

When we turn on the machine, the tumbler rotates to maintain the distance between the clothes, and heated air circulates through the tumbler, evaporating the remaining moisture in the clothes.

The market is full of different types of dryers, including spin dryers, tumble dryers, ventless dryers, etc.

Why do You Need to Use a Clothes Dryer?

A dryer at home will help you when you are doing your laundry because it offers many benefits.

You no longer need to wait all day for your clothes hanging on a rope to dry when you have a dryer at home. 

Here we will explain why a dryer at home will help you dry your laundry quickly.

Save your time

Washing the clothes in a washing machine is only half the process done. The other half process is to dry the clothes. Compared with air drying that can take up to a day or more, choosing a clothes dryer will make your work easy and quick.

Space is not a Constraint

Do you have a limited amount of space at home? You won’t have to worry about your work with a clothes dryer. There is no corner in your house where you cannot fit a clothes dryer because they are so tidy. With having a dryer, you don’t need to worry about whether the clothes hung on the clothesline are dried or not.

No Weather Constraint

How many times has your laundry routine been affected by bad weather? You need not worry about the bad weather because when you have a dryer at home, you can do your laundry any time without being affected by bad weather. If you air-dry your clothes, the sun will kill the pests on your clothes, but the ultraviolet rays can fade the color of your clothes. A clothes dryer can keep your clothes new and germs-free.

Easy to Iron

Nowadays, dryers are coming in many modes, such as cupboard dry, iron dry. The iron dry keeps some moisture in your clothes which assists in better ironing results.

How to Use a Clothes Dryer?

Given tips will assist you in using a cloth dryer. Have a look!

Separate Each Item after Taking it Out of the Washing Machine

Separating or shaking out each item before throwing them in the dryer seems a bit time-consuming but worth it to save them from wrinkles and cut down during the drying time. This is the first line of defense in ensuring that the dryer is used safely. 

Check the Drying Instruction Label inside of Each Cloth Item

On the inside of the clothes, there is an instruction label with detailed instructions. Please read this carefully. Dryers are preferred for some items, but air dry is preferred for others. So if you want to save your clothes from wrinkles and tearing, you must read the instructions. 

If it says Dry-Clean only, take it to the dry cleaner. They may be permanently damaged if washed and dried at home.

Do not Overload the Dryer

The clothes in your dryer can be permanently damaged if they are overloaded. In addition, clothes need space to tumble freely while drying.

Dry Different Fabric Types in Different loads

When you wash your clothes in the washing machine, you can combine different types, but not while drying them. Instead, separate them and dry them separately in the dryer. This is because some garments require different conditions for drying, such as heat, time, etc. At the same time, some other clothes need different situations.

Choose the Right Program for Different Types of Clothes

There are different types of fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, etc. So, you need to read the dryer instructions manual carefully and select the appropriate setting as your clothes require.

Currently, most dryers offer many options such as cotton (cotton clothes), easy-care (synthetic clothes), wool finish (woolen clothes and towels), down wear (clothes made from natural animal feathers), and sportswear (nylon and polyester clothes).

Remove Each Item from the Dryer and Shake it Out.

Consider hanging the damp clothes to dry after you remove them from the dryer. If possible, shake out each item after it has been removed from the dryer. By doing so, you won’t have to use an ironing board.

Don’t Leave Freshly Dried Clothes in a Pile

After you have dried the clothes, do not leave them piled up. To avoid wrinkles, simply hang them or wrap them correctly.


Drying the clothes is not an easy task as we thought. It is a less challenging but more complicated task. You need to read instructions, select the drying mode according to the clothes, hang them and in the end, wrap them correctly after they are thoroughly dried. There are many pros of clothes dryers. The only con associated with it is that they are expensive.

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