How to Remove Stains from Clothes with Baking Soda?

how to remove stains from clothes with baking soda

How to Remove Stains from Clothes with Baking Soda?

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an ingredient commonly used in baking. Because alkaline substances would be effectively neutralized, they can be used to neutralize pesticides and foot odors. That’s why baking soda is a common item used for cleaning clothes. It has been used in the laundry business for as long as ancient times. Would you please make sure you do not confuse baking soda with baking powder, which also acts as a baking ingredient? Unlike baking soda, baking powder is not ideal for cleaning your clothes and the question is How to remove stains from clothes with baking soda?

Almost all applications can be used with this material because it is nontoxic. However, baking soda does not prevent or cure cancer, despite its antibacterial properties.

Making of the Sodium Bicarbonate Cleaning Paste

Pretreating even the toughest stains with baking soda paste can be very effective. It is made by whisking baking soda into warm water two to one. 1/2 cup of water is mixed with 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate.

Before laundering stained clothing, apply this mixture. The baking soda paste traps and holds the stain in the baking soda, helping to draw the stain out of the fabric. It removes stains as it dries. Ensure that baking soda is colorfast before using it. If you don’t like the consistency of the paste, you can adjust the amount of water in the paste.

The Best Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

Cleaning your home with baking soda is often easier than you’d expect. The alkalinity and mild abrasiveness of the paste makes it an effective cleaner of hard surfaces, for instance.

Baking soda and water can be mixed to form a paste. The paste will be even more effective if you add dishwashing detergent paste and baking soda together. It is similar to a soft homemade scrub.

Using bicarbonate of soda as a cleaning solution for metals and hard surfaces around the house is also possible by diluting it with water. Using four teaspoons of baking soda in 2 quarts of warm water, you can concoct an all-purpose cleaner.

Additionally, the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda causes baking soda to fizz quite a bit. Using it in a homemade drain cleaner is an excellent idea.

Some Other Uses of Baking Soda

Some other ways that bicarbonate soda can be used are:

  • Removing Teeth Stains
  • Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cleaning House Fixtures
  • Removal of cooking oil Stains

All the above examples are perfect use cases for using bicarbonate soda as a cleaner.

Baking Soda and Removal of Cloth Stains

From juice spots to stubborn stains, the cleaning power of the bicarbonate of soda is unparalleled. The bubbling action of bicarbonate of soda allows the substance to penetrate fabrics and remove stains. 

Here are some stain types that baking soda will remove most effectively:

  1. Blood Stains
  2. Stains with an Odor 
  3. Stains of Drinks
  4. Vomit Stains
  5. Sweat Stains

Below is how you can remove these stains:

1. Blood Stains

A dampened bloodstain can be cleaned with a paste of baking soda. Set it for an hour or so. Stains can be lifted from fabrics with it. Since baking soda also whitens, it will help eliminate the stain’s dyes or colors.

2. Stains with an Odor

Baking soda is a good pretreatment for stains with a bad smell. Combined with wet and odorous laundry, baking soda absorbs moisture and an odor. 

You can remove both the stain and the odor by placing baking soda on a stain and allowing it to set. If you plan to wash the dish with the regular cycle, ensure you brush the baking soda into the sink or trash before washing.

3. Stains of Drinks

An effective emergency pretreatment method is this one. When you encounter a juice stain, you must act fast, but if you’re pressed for time, you can spray baking soda on it and then pour hot water over it. In addition to absorbing any liquid, baking soda also dries out the clothes.

4. Vomit Stains

In the case of someone throwing up in your house, there are usually many things going on. Getting the laundry done is difficult in such a scenario. The smell of vomit can linger even in clothing that has been washed, even if it was dealt with immediately. If the site is washed, sprinkle baking soda on it and rub it to get rid of the smell. 

This method is best for washing baby clothes so they do not end up covered in spit-up. It may even be better to pour baking soda directly on the stain and address it later when your life calms down, and you have the time to do so. In addition to absorbing the remaining liquid, baking soda will absorb odors as well. 

5. Sweat Stains

Clothing that has sweat stains or odors can be effectively treated with baking soda paste. To launder the clothing, press the paste into the stained areas. One to two hours may be required for tough stains. Wash normally after brushing baking soda into a sink or trash. Furthermore, baking soda is also effective at absorbing lingering odors in clothing.

Baking Soda and Stain removing: Final Thoughts

It is amazing how versatile the bicarbonate of soda can be. Baking soda can be used for more purposes in our homes, including cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, and more. Share any additional uses of baking soda you know in the comments below. We will be delighted to know what new things you will share with us.

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