High Heat vs Low Heat Drying | Which one is Best?

High Heat vs Low Heat Drying

High Heat vs Low Heat Drying | Which one is Best?

Whenever you are indulged in cloth drying you might be confused about high heat vs low heat drying. What to choose? Let’s find out here.

How many times has this happened to you when you buy new clothes, you wear them, they look great, but when you wash them, and they come out of the washer, they look awful?

It’s your drying technique that’s to blame. The proper way of drying your clothes will make them ready to wear fresh from the dryer and help them look fantastic.

But how would you know whether to choose high heat or low heat drying? In many cases, high heat drying is not the best option for many reasons, which we will discuss here.

What is High Heat in a Dryer Machine?

In dryer machines, the high temperature is set to 145F. A dry machine takes three cycles to reach high heat. Water vapor takes up most of the heat during the first two cycles, so the temperature is not increased. The temperature rises during the last cycle of the dryer when the clothes are almost dry. Therefore, when using a high heat mood, the temperature rises, and your clothes dry up quickly. For clothes that require high heat drying or heavy cotton items, this option is best suited.

What is Low Heat in a Dryer Machine?

In low heat drying mode, the temperature remains between 125F to 135F. As well as being gentle to your clothes, this cycle takes three cycles. However, the temperature remains moderate in this mood so that the clothes won’t shrink due to high temperatures. Low heat will be the best option if you wish to have freshly cleaned clothes after drying.

High Heat vs Low Heat Drying: What to Choose?

Here is a complete comparison between both heat modes. Have a look!

Risk of Fires

Fires can destroy the dryer and the clothes and possibly the room and the house and harm the people living there. Drying the clothes always on high heat increases the risk of fire, but why is this so? As we know that high heating makes the clothes wear out faster. When clothes are highly heated in the dryer, highly flammable lint particles come out and cause a fire. Overheating is more likely to occur with dryers using a high heat setting. The lint particles coming out of the clothes can burn out very quickly due to the overheated dryer. Lint particles can burn out very quickly, whereas a shirt made of lint can remain burnt for a long time.

Energy Efficient

When dryers are used on low heat for a more extended time, they use less energy and become more efficient. However, if the dryer is used for a short period of high heat, it consumes more energy.

How can this be?

Since the dryers are heating more than tumbling, they consume more energy. Reduced heat also means reduced energy usage, which makes it more energy-efficient for a dryer to function. This will be the best option if you’re trying to save money. 

Wear and Tear

Buying clothes took up both of your time and your money. It is therefore imperative that they last longer, which can be accomplished by reducing wear and tear. Using low heat to dry your clothes allows you to do this. When you dry your clothes on high heat settings, possibly the attire of an adult can morph into a child’s clothes. In addition, high heat weakens the spandex and causes the clothes’ colors to fade. Unfortunately, your workout clothes, jeans, and other stretchy clothes are affected by this since spandex gives them their stretch. Therefore, the clothes become weaker over time and rip more easily when worn.

Consider Low Heat

Choosing low heat settings is your best bet when it comes to saving energy, preserving your clothes, and reducing the chances of a fire.

Choose Appropriate Setting

There are different types of clothing items, so you need to select the relevant mood of the clothes dryer according to the clothes. Usually, this is printed on the labels attached to the inner sides of the items. Items such as towels and jeans that are heavy in cotton need high heat, t-shirts that are basic need medium heat, and workout/stretchy items require low heat to dry. Therefore, the right mood is crucial for drying.

Conclusion: High Heat vs Low Heat Drying

Laundry is probably something you do once or twice a week, and you probably dry your clothes in the dryer. While drying your clothes, however, you should choose low heat settings for a long time (50 to 90 minutes) in order to make your clothes last longer, don’t rip apart, and remain the same as they were when you bought them. You can save your clothes as well as energy if you set the heat to low.

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